Craft: Hair + Makeup Artist

Pronouns: She/Her

Language: English

Mor an


As a seasoned wedding hair stylist with seven years of experience, my passion lies in helping individuals feel their absolute best, most confident selves, and witnessing the culmination of months of preparation unfold as they step into their moment of radiance!

Throughout my career, my love for diverse styles has grown but I particularly adore sleek looks, braided and perfectly effortless tousled styles, as well as more natural, bright, and glowing makeup trends that enhance the individual's unique beauty. 

My journey in the beauty industry began as the go-to friend for hair + makeup at dances and Halloween parties. Although it took starting at the University of Oregon to I quickly realized my true calling was in the world of beauty and special events. 

When it comes to wedding venues, my heart belongs to the landscapes of wine country. Working in such picturesque locations adds an extra layer of magic to the already special occasions!

When working with brides, my communication style is focused on creating a comfortable and collaborative environment. I encourage open dialogue, ensuring that clients feel free to express their preferences and provide feedback throughout the process. My goal is to tailor each look to the bride's unique vision, making the experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

For brides preparing for their big day, my advice is simple yet crucial: stay hydrated and savor the love that has led you to this unforgettable moment.

I continue to feel honored by the deep trust that clients place in me. Knowing that I can provide a service that not only meets but exceeds expectations, leaving individuals feeling incredible on their most special day, is the ultimate reward. I cherish the connections I've made with countless sweet clients and look forward to continuing to contribute to the joy and beauty of weddings for years to come!