Craft: Hair stylist

Pronouns: She/Her

Language: English



Hi there! My name is Mattie, and I am incredibly passionate about my work in the wedding industry! My favorite part of this job is getting to know brides and bridesmaids on an individual level while sharing in such a special day. It's truly a passion of mine that I pour my heart into.

Lately, I've developed a particular fondness for textured half up/half down styles, however if there's one thing I absolutely adore doing- it's braids. There's something about the intricate artistry of braiding that brings me so much joy and fulfillment.

My love for hairstyling goes way back. When I was growing up, my mom always made sure my hair looked cute, and as I got older, I started doing my own hair and even my friends'. After obtaining a degree in business administration from college, I realized that my true passion lay in the beauty industry. I decided to follow my heart and attended beauty school, discovering that I could turn my love for hairstyling into a fulfilling career.

I love to work at The Griffin House, where I bring my lively and high-spirited nature to every wedding I'm a part of. I love learning about the bride herself and her fiancé, as it helps me create a hairstyle that truly reflects her personality.

If there's one piece of advice I could give to any bride-to-be, it would be this: do what's right for you and your fiancé. There will be many opinions and suggestions from others, but ultimately, your wedding day is 100% about the two of you and the love you share. Follow your hearts and create a day that truly represents your unique journey together.