Craft: Makeup Artist

Pronouns: She/her

Language: English



Growing up in an artist household really ignited my passion for creative work, and as I got older I became enamored with the world of fashion and backstage beauty. Taking weddings happened naturally in college, but professionally, I've been at it for about 8 years now!

As a professionally trained artist, my skills in color theory, composition, and painting, have really helped shape my steady hand and creativity when I work as in the realm of makeup. I tend to curate looks that enhance each individual's natural beauty while adding just the right touch of drama + high glamour is my favorite approach. I’m all about delving deep into wedding beauty, where it’s not just about surface glamour, but about helping you embody your most radiant self for that unforgettable day.  I like to work in light strategic layers with makeup application - I call it a "you but better" kind of look, where all your surface insecurities can melt away and all you see is beautiful perfected YOU- and maybe with some extra sparkle and shine on the side ;)

One of my most cherished wedding memories was working at a glass chapel on the seaside cliffs of Southern California. The ethereal light filtering through the structure was absolutely breathtaking, creating the perfect fairytale setting for the couple's special day. The energy + excitement of weddings really fuel me, and there's nothing quite like helping people light up + seeing them shine! 

When it comes to working with brides, trust is key. I value the trust my clients place in me and strive to ensure they feel confident and relaxed throughout the process. My advice for brides? Embrace the journey and go with the flow—those unexpected moments often make for the best memories!

While I've had some exhilarating experiences in my career, from Halloween airbrush gigs to transforming faces, nothing beats the pure joy of seeing my clients' reactions in the mirror. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do.