Craft: Hair + Makeup Artist

Pronouns: She/Her

Language: English



Growing up surrounded by creativity, and with a mom who also went to beauty school, it was inevitable that I'd find my calling in this artistic corner of the beauty industry.

I pride myself on being an active listener. Your vision is my canvas, and I'm here to not only bring it to life but to sprinkle a bit of my own styling magic into the mix. 

I find so much joy in connecting with and pampering my clients + their wedding party, ensuring they step into the day looking and feeling their absolute best. From modern waves, half up hairdos, to that coveted glowing skin paired with a softly smoked liner- I love a blend of a natural balanced look that feels effortless, yet polished + enhanced. 

With a solid 8 years of experience in the wedding industry, I've mastered the art of turning your dream bridal look into reality.

I'm all about creating a comfortable atmosphere, breaking through any shyness with a series of friendly questions. Most of all I love being part of a talented team where I can continue to be inspired, gain knowledge and surround myself with like-minded artists and I can't wait to bring that expertise to your special day!

A little advice for our radiant brides out there: Prioritize self-care! Rest up, stay hydrated, and let that skin glow <3