Craft: Makeup Artist

Pronouns: She/Her

Language: English



I fell in love with the beauty world through the album art on my dad's record collection growing up. Diana Ross, Donna Summers, and Dolly Parton struck my soul with their ultra glamorous looks and I started experimenting with makeup as early as ten years old on myself, friends, and family members. Almost fourteen years later I still have the same love for makeup and I'm lucky enough to have turned my craft into a blossoming career.

I love how heartwarming and fun being a wedding makeup artist can be. Witnessing the moments between friends + family that happen while getting ready, you can always feel the joy, excitement, and nerves in the air- and it makes each wedding a unique and memorable experience! The privilege of connecting with people from all walks of life, working with diverse and inspiring individuals has been an enriching experience, and I am forever grateful for the connections forged in this incredible industry. 

My specialty is creating makeup looks that are true and unique to every one of my clients. Embracing natural features + crafting fresh feeling makeup looks that strike the perfect balance between natural and glamorous are my favorite type of looks. Beauty encapsulates everything that makes us human and makeup is just one way to express that. I love being able to sense someones personality and create a complexion that helps it shine through and celebrate exactly who they are. Although I love pushing my clients to try something they might not usually consider, making sure to meet them at their comfort level with makeup is my top priority. Makeup isn't one size fits all and I'm all about creating a makeup look that's custom and perfect for you!

Creating an open, through, and honest dialogue is extremely important to me in getting the perfect bridal look. Collaboration is key and I always want my client to feel they're a part of the process in creating their look. For brides on their big day, my advice is to capture mental pictures and stay present, letting go of stress over small details. Bask in the beauty you've created around you and savor every moment!