Craft: Makeup Artist

Pronouns: She/Her

Language: English

Location: Bend + beyond



My journey to this career started with event planning, but my passion for beauty led me to intensive makeup artistry training in Southern California back in 2012. After years in the industry, I found my way to Oregon in 2021, where I fell in love with the wedding community.

 I'm all about fresh, radiant looks with skin spirited focus - which led me to find my niche in being able to provide high-quality, non-toxic makeup products that enhance your natural beauty while prioritizing your health and wellbeing. Something I love to share and educate on when working with my clients!

When it comes to working with brides, I'm warm, calming, and attentive. I create a supportive, relaxed environment, and make sure to listen carefully to your needs and concerns. Being part of such special day in someone's life, and helping them feel their most beautiful and confident self is such a reward.

 Amidst the hustle + bustle of the day, I like to encourage my clients to soak in the emotions, and let your inner beauty shine through. There's nothing like seeing genuine smiles and doing my part to help leave you feeling confident and authentically yourself. That's what it's all about for me.