Brands + Artists that Inspire our Beauty Approach

One. Rose Inc

All about self-care, beauty with substance, and highlighting individual routines that will keep you inspired to treat yourself your best, daily.

Two. Loho Bride

A non-traditionalist brand that focuses on having alternative + artful pieces for brides that have their own lane of taste. 

Three. Christy Dawn

Celebrating mother nature in their thoughtfully curated designs, Christy Dawn is an LA founded brand known for their light, airy, + feminine style.

Four. Nina Park

A renowned celebrity makeup artist with a fine-art background, is known for her simplistic, light-handed beauty style, + intentional makeup looks. 

Five. Adriene Mishler

We’re big on self care rituals, and believe in taking care of yourself from the inside out. Adriene Mishler inspires her ever expanding community, teaching the benefits of consistent yoga practice, positivity, and having a calm + gentle approach to life. We believe beauty starts from within, and this is a great place to start.

Six. Raoul Alejandre

An artist carving his own path in the beauty world, and drawing inspiration from art history, fashion, + photography. His work has an undeniably recognizable style.